Unfortunately - Our CCW class prices have changed due to ammunition non-availability and cost. Please review the changes.

We will meet at the Winfield location at 0930 unless otherwise coordinated with the instructor.



Greywolf Services LLC offers a Separated / Retired Law Enforcement Officer Firearms qualification course. This is an opportunity to qualify under Title 18 U.S. Code, Chapter 44, Section 926C (H.R. 218 and S. 1132). Retired law enforcement members of the 1013 club, all retired FBI agents and FOP 3100 members as well as other retired certified law enforcement officers who meet the requirements can also qualify. Separated Officers who left a department under good standings must have 10 years of aggregate service.​

Section 2 (b)(4) of this act allows agencies to establish qualification standards for its retired or separated officers. Greywolf Services has been working in conjunction with the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)  to provide a consistent and thorough training / qualification program.​

Qualifications will be held at our private range located in Foley MO. Training dates can be located on the "Registration form". Meeting location is located on the "Contact Us" page. We must meet at this location 30 minutes prior to the scheduled firing time. The class will begin at 10:00 A.M. The  training session will be two hours in length. Qualifications will be conducted by a Greywolf Services POST Certified Firearms Instructor.​

   • By Missouri law, all costs associated with the demonstration by such person to meet the required range testing component shall be the expense of the person being tested. The cost is $45.00 per person for the first qualification session and $5.00 for each additional firearm. You may qualify with up to three weapons per session. ​

   • Checks, cash or money orders will be accepted. Payment should be made out to the Greywolf Services LLC. Participants may add "Firearms qualification, HR 218" to the note section of their check or money order.​

   • For those who do not have internet access, Greywolf Services LLC will be supplied with informational packets that can be mailed upon requests.​

Please see the following requirements in order to participate:​

   • Separated / Retired law enforcement officers or deputies who wish to participate must have:

1- Photo identification showing proof as a Missouri resident,​

2- Photo identification issued by the agency from which the individual retired from service as a law enforcement officer or,​

3- For those who retired or separated from a department which did not issue a picture identification card, the signed and stamped affidavit (located below) is required. If you served within the Law Enforcement community for 10 years or more, you may qualify. Please review H.R. 218 and S. 1132 for eligibility.​

4- "HR 218 Retired Officer Request for Firearms Qualification Form" (affidavit) must be completed and notarized, prior to attending a qualification session. This is only required if a retired ID card was not issued. 

Please bring two signed copies,​

5- Greywolf Services range rules and policies will be in effect and followed by each participant prior to and during qualification,​

6- The participant must meet their previous departments current standards for qualifications, which require the employee to regularly qualify in the use of a firearm (please see the attached Range Rules and Policies and Qualification Course of Fire below),​

7- Firearms will be inspected for safety and functionality by a Greywolf Services Firearms Instructor,​

8- Firearms found to be unsafe or unserviceable will not be allowed on the firing line,​

9- Greywolf Services firearms instructors conducting the qualification will have the final discretionary authority to disqualify firearms or person(s) based on safety concerns,​

10- A wallet size certificate will be issued to the participant upon qualification.​

11- Please list your weapon(s) make, caliber and serial number in the boxes located on the registration form. ​

12- Qualification may be completed with up to three separate weapons per session. Ammunition must be supplied by the shooter for each weapon.​

13- All ammunition must be store purchased. No re-loads please.​

14- The course of fire consist of 50 rounds for each weapon / attempt.​

15- Targets, eye and ear protection will be provided. Please bring your own billed cap.​

16- Shooters will be given two attempts at qualifying with each weapon. Upon failure of the second attempt, the shooter will not be allowed to attempt to qualify again within 6 months​

Based on the mandatory requirements under H.R. 218, we strongly encourage those who are interested in participating and qualifying under the color of Greywolf Services carefully review both H.R. 218 and S. 1132 in its entirety to ensure that they meet all the necessary criteria and documentation required under the law (copies are provided below). H.R. 218 and S. 1132 is a public record and available upon request from the Missouri Attorney General’s Office or may be accessed on line at http://www.govtrack.us.​

​If you have any questions or would like to set a special  qualification date and time please contact us.​

​   * We must receive your weapon make, model and serial number for each weapon you desire to qualify with within seven days prior to qualification.

H.R. 218 / S.1132 Firearms Qualifications​

Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act (LEOSA)