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Our MTT will travel to your location to instruct our classes. You must provide a classroom area and a suitable (and safe) impact area for the firing range. We will provide the target stands and equipment. The required number of students will be based upon the travel distance from the St. Louis area. You may use your own weapons and ammunition (40 rounds will be required) or we can supply both. Contact us for further details or questions.

1. After attending a “Firearms Safety Course”, otherwise known as a “CCW Class”. The class must be taught by a certified instructor who will give you a completion certificate after the course.​

2. You then take the completion certificate to the Sheriff or Police Station in which you reside. Be sure to bring proper ID with you. Your driver's license must have your current address.​

3. Pay a nominal fee for the background investigation. The price will vary depending upon where you live. 

(St. Louis County is $90.00 - St Charles County is $100.00)​

4. You will then receive an approval letter (back ground check approval) by certified mail. This will take anywhere from two weeks to forty-five days.​

5. You will then take this letter back to your Sheriff’s or Police Station and they will issue the CCW permit.​

6. You will be issued your CCW permit from the Sheriff's Department or Police station.  ​

7. Your issued permit will be valid for 5 years and will expire on the last day of the month it was issued.

Missouri CCW Qualification 

​General Descriptions and Functions of Handguns
Handgun Safety in the classroom, at home, on the range and while carrying
Safe storage of firearms at home
Loading and Unloading Handguns
Basic Marksmanship Principles

Care and Cleaning of Weapons
Missouri laws pertaining to Self Defense
Missouri laws pertaining to Weapons Offenses

Requirements from the state of Missouri for obtaining a CCW permit
​Weapons Concealment and Holsters​

The CCW training is a minimum of 8 hours and all training is accomplished in one day.

We will provide lunch for the Missouri Concealed Carry and Basic Marksmanship Training.

CCW Training Topics

Unfortunately - Our CCW class prices have changed due to ammunition non-availability and cost. Please review the changes.

CCW Permit Process.​

If you desire a one on one training session contact us to coordinate a date and time. Explain to us what skills you desire to practice and we will develop a course of fire to assist you in obtaining your goals. You must provide the weapon, holster and ammunition. Class size is limited to three shooters per session. 

​Contact us by phone or email to schedule a date and time for training.



 To qualify for the concealed carry endorsement, individuals must.​

(1)  Be at least 19 years of age. Is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and either:

        (a) Has assumed residency in this state; or​
        (b) Is a member of the Armed Forces stationed in Missouri, or  the spouse of such member of the military.​

(2)  Is at least 19 years of age, or at least 18 years of age and a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or honorably discharged  from the U.S. Armed Forces, and is a citizen of the United States and either; ​

          (a) Has resumed residency of this state;​
          (b) Is a member of the Armed Forces stationed in Missouri; or​
          (c) The spouse of such member of the military stationed in 
               Missouri and 19 years of age;​

(3)  Not have been found guilty of a felony. ​

(4)  Not be a fugitive from justice. ​

(5) Not have been found guilty, in the five years preceding the application, of a misdemeanor involving a crime of violence or two misdemeanors involving either alcohol-related driving offenses or possession of a controlled substance.​

(7)  Not be dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces.​

(8)  Not have engaged in a pattern of behavior, documented in public records that causes the sheriff to have a reasonable belief that the applicant presents a danger to himself, herself, or others.​

(9)  Not have been adjudged mentally incompetent or released from a mental health facility for five years prior to the application.​

(10)  Not be the respondent in a valid full order of protection currently in effect.​

(11)  Be fingerprinted​

(12)  Clear a criminal background check by the state and the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and​

(13)  Comply with training requirements established by the bill by attending a Firearms Safety (CCW) Course.



   A $50.00 deposit is required for the CCW 1      classes.

   Please mail deposit to:

     Greywolf Services

     PO Box 1284

     Florissant MO 63031

     Make checks or money orders payable to                  Greywolf Services LLC

     All equipment and material will be supplied for the class. Directions to the class location can be located under the "Contact" tab.

     We must receive the deposit at least three working days before the class date. If the deposit cannot be mailed in time, please contact us at (314) 583-7948.