This course will instruct you how to condense your Marksmanship principles and apply them under stress (Combat Focus Shooting). You will learn about sear engagements and  how it applies to controlling the trigger. We will then transcend to drawing your weapon from a concealed location and employing it against multiple targets.​

CCW 2- Advanced Marksmanship Training Skills consist of:​

Condensing Marksmanship principles
Sear Engagement
Drawing a weapon from a concealed location
Immediate Action Drills
Magazine Re-Loading Drills
Engage multiple targets​

Wolf-Pack Challenge



The training picks up where you left off at CCW 2. After reviewing some basic fundamentals you will be instructed on how to engage targets from a variety of shooting positions to include firing from the inside of a vehicle while seated (with the seat belt attached). This is to simulate a carjacking which has become far to common today. You will also engage targets from behind barricades and fire a weapon using your weak hand.​

CCW 3- Advanced Marksmanship Training Skills consist of:​

Engaging multiple targets
Magazine re-loading Drills
Firing from a seated position in a vehicle – (carjacking scenario)
Firing from behind barricades
Firing and re-loading a weapon with your weak hand
Engage moving targets
Engage targets while you are walking​


Both CCW 2 and 3 are instructed at our private range near Foley MO. Seating for CCW 2 and 3 are limited to no more than six students. If more than six shooters attend the course must be modified. Contact us to make accommodations. You must provide your own weapon, holster, ammunition (no reloads or modified weapons please) and you will be responsible for the serviceability of your weapon.

Registering for a class at the Foley location.

Weekday classes at the Foley location are limited due to instructor availability. There are classes that overlap on the scheduled dates or times so that we may make as many of our courses available as possible. They will be made available on a first come, first served basis. This will make some course dates change without notice.

Example: If a CCW class is scheduled for Tuesday June 2nd and there are no students registered, this class date may be utilized for any other training course which is offered. We must be notified as early as possible so that we may make necessary changes to our schedule. Please register as soon as possible. 


This course of fire is designed to be both competitive and fun. Bring your friends, family or neighbors and walk away with a first place certificate.​

During the course you will fire from a variety of shooting positions and from behind obstacles and barricades. There will be time available before firing for a demonstration of firing and moving techniques. This is not a beginners course.​

The highest shooting score will receive a - First  Place Certificate. 

For groups who wish to make it a day event, a picnic area is available for Bar-B-Ques and lunch.​

Additional range time will be available before or after the course.  We will have five shooting lanes available. ​

You may bring your own paper targets for practice or purchase ours. (.50 each)

Please inform us in advance that you request additional range time before or after so that we may make the appropriate accommodations.

As you well know carrying a concealed weapon is a very serious business and there is no room for mistakes. How proficient should you be when carrying a weapon? That will depend upon how much you would like to decrease your liabilities if you happen to miss your target.

There is currently no way to evaluate your shooting abilities after you receive your CCW permit. No one to hold you accountable until after an incident occurs  When firing your weapon under stress your proficiency and skills will be diminished. You alone are responsible for developing these skills and abilities to effectively and efficiently eliminating the threat under stress. The less time you practice, the greater your liabilities will become.

We developed the CCW Pistol Qualification Course with the purpose of allowing the CCW permit holder to test and evaluate their abilities under stress. The shooter will set their own goals where the time constraints are concerned. Speed will increase as proficiency and accuracy increases.

The CCW Pistol Qualification Course is a 50 round course which will challenge the CCW permit holder. The course is developed around self defense and close encounters. The weapon is drawn from a concealed holster where they will normally carry their weapon (no pocket carries). The shooter will fire single handed (each hand), will conduct magazine changes and engage multiple close range targets. In addition to the B-27 silhouette targets, metal plate pie plate targets have been incorporated. There is also a Car Jacking scenario firing from the inside of a vehicle at targets outside the windows to simulate a car jacking.  Targets are scored where impacts on the B-27 target are within the eight, nine and ten rings.  

The shooter will set his/her own goals on how proficient he/she wants to become. The Course of Fire can be viewed by going to the "Administrative / Forms" tab and click on the button for the "CCW Pistol  Qual. COF".


You must provide your own weapon, ammunition, holster and two (preferably three) magazines to attend the advance training.

The gear list for the courses are posted below.

CCW  3  Marksmanship Training



Please read before registering