Our Private Investigators Marksmanship Course is approved by the State of Missouri's Board of Private Investigators. There are two separate eight hour courses designed to instruct licensed Private Investigators in advanced concealed carry and shooting techniques. ​ 

The Private Investigators Marksmanship Course's (PIMC) are designed to enhance the Private Investigators and Agency Investigator Employee's marksmanship skills. The PIMC classes are formulated into two courses (Course 1 - PIMC 1 and Course 2 - PIMC 2) to provide progressive skills development. The courses are conducted at a private range in Foley Missouri.​ You have a choice to take one course or both courses.

Both courses will cover the laws and updates which pertain to Self Defense and Weapons Offenses in the State of Missouri. It will also include discussions on the different types of holsters available, weapons concealment and handgun safety. All classes are instructed in an indoor classroom environment by Power Point presentations. The PIMC-1 course consist of four hours of classroom instruction with four hours of live fire training on our range. PIMC-2 consist of one and a half hours of classroom instruction and six and one half hours on the firing range. ​

During the range firing for both courses the following skills will be instructed and practiced: Sear engagement, immediate action drills, re-loading drills, engaging multiple targets, firing a pistol with your weak hand, engaging targets while walking and engaging moving targets. ​

In addition to those listed above, PIMC 2 will cover: firing from the kneeling, sitting, and prone positions, firing from a covered position, and firing from a seated location inside a motor vehicle. Students will also complete a Combat Course of Fire which will culminate and reinforce the skills taught during that particular course.​

The courses are designed to conform to both Private Investigators and Agency Investigator employees. Both courses will aid in their abilities to carry a concealed handgun safely while performing their duties as well as enhancing their marksmanship skills.​

Upon completion of either course, eight hours of accreditation will apply and the attendee will receive a certificate stating such. Completion of PIMC 1 is a prerequisite for attendance to PIMC 2. This course is not for those who are beginners with firearms. Greywolf Services LLC does provide beginner classes for those who require such training. Due to amount of live fire training involved, we have limited the size of the class to six attendee's. ​

To register for the course, click on the registration tab above. Course pricing is located on the above price list. The dates for the classes will be assigned as PIMC-1 or PIMC-2, on a first come, first served basis. Contact us before registration. The dates available for the course will have to be agreed upon at least 30 days prior. We will make every effort to acomondate your request.

MO Private Investigators Marksmanship Course ​

Unfortunately - Our CCW class prices have changed due to ammunition non-availability and cost. Please review the changes.