Our training programs have been formulated into three phases to provide progressive skill development. The Basic CCW course will provide you with the basic fundamentals to carry a concealed weapon safely. During the advanced CCW training courses you will be instructed in Combat Focus Shooting and firing your weapon under a variety of situations. Each course will take you closer towards perfecting your marksmanship skills and providing accurate hits to a target under stressful and timed events. 
Greywolf Services Marksmanship Training Program was developed to provide comprehensive, progressive and affordable training for those who desire to learn the basics or improve their marksmanship skills.

At Greywolf Services we are committed to providing a safe, honest and professional atmosphere for anyone who seeks qualified training in firearms and personal safety.

If you own a gun you should know how to properly handle, shoot, and safely store it. We offer several training & safety courses for all levels of shooters - from the Novice to the Advanced. Our instructor has over 20 years experience in the military (USMC Retired) in firearms education and training and is currently a Certified Firearms Instructor with the St. Louis County Police Department.
As U.S. citizens and civilized humans, we have the right to protect ourselves against death or serious physical injury against any enemy, foreign or domestic.

Refuse to become the next victim. Train yourselves for the unexpected.